About VMA

Regional presence

VMA operates in the full spectrum of multi-technical installation and technology. Always maintaining the regional identity, but with a view to offering growth to our customers in various sectors.

With over 1000 employees, including 300 engineers/bachelors, we are available to our customers on a daily basis. VMA's turnover amounts to EUR 220 million.

Given the regional presence, the various teams are close to our customers, with the intention to further expand this strategy in the future.

Core Values

VMA is a customer-oriented organization, which attached great importance to drive, focus on results and reliability. Our loyalty, dedication and respect for customers, partners and employees is crucial to achieve our goals.

We are agile, dynamic and driven.
We offer solutions to challenges
and do not see them as problems.

We think along with the customer in order to
achieve "the next level", even when it lies
outside our comfort zone.

We get things right, rather than
quickly and we always opt for quality and
long-term relationships.

We create our own momentum and are
not waiting for the right moment.

We are committed to our colleagues,
our employer, our partners and our
planet, without a hierarchy in this.

We create a climate in which people
are engaged and stay engaged
by focusing on
talent, passion and competences.

We do more than our best to keep improving every day
by pushing together.

We give appreciation and trust to each other,
we can count on each other's honest feedback
and trust that it is meant to be constructive.

We set up parallel procedures to guarantee
the quality of our projects between the
different sites and thus also treat everyone

We do what we say and say what we do.
And what we don't do, we communicate
in a transparent manner.

We are a reliable partner for our customers,
suppliers and subcontractors and go for
long-term relationships in the process.

We are one big family and pursue
the same goals, values and standards.

We make time to listen to each other
during informal and formal moments,
staying attentive to a junior's new
perspective and to rely on a
senior's expertise.

We never leave colleagues alone and
do not assign blame, but support each
other during challenging moments and
keep going for the common goal.


VMA aims at developing and improving constantly an effective safety policy.

We aim at a healthy and safe work environment with individual safety as our main concern. Thanks to a sensible implementation of our health & safety policy, we avoid health hazards for our staff and third parties and prevent all types of damage to the environment and to property.

The HSE policy is not achieved in isolation. It is part of our company’s integrated social policy. The VCA certification is an important tool.

The health & safety organisation within our company is supported by our prevention advisors.

Read our Human rights policy here


The search for quality is a constant desire within VMA. This is achieved through constant vigilance and evaluation at every stage of project monitoring. In this context, we work with an ISO manual that guarantees a constant concern for quality. We are therefore ISO 9001 certified.


Sustainability is an important pillar of management and strategy at VMA.

Together with our shareholders and QSE manager, we work towards our sustainable development objectives; Due to the nature of our activities, we are of course involved closely with many climate neutral and circular (new) building projects in Belgium and the electrification of the automotive sector.

With our VMANAGER team of experts, we also take care of making existing buildings energy efficient.